Google Summer of Code

Welcome to the Polypheny Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2020 projects page.

Please note that our application for GSoC 2020 is currently under evaluation at Google and we have not yet been accepted as mentoring organization.

What is GSoC?

Google Summer of Code is designed to encourage student participation in open source development. Over the past 15 years, Google Summer of Code has brought together over 15,000 students and 686 open source projects to create over 36 millions of lines of code. Google will accept student applications from March 16 to March 31, 2020.

Polypheny at GSoC

Polypheny-DB is a novel self-adaptive polystore that provides cost- and workload aware access to heterogeneous data. As a polystore, Polypheny-DB seamlessly combines different underlying data storage engines (for instance relational databases, key-value stores, etc.) to provide good query performance independent of the type of workload.

This is the first time Polypheny applies to be part of the Google Summer of Code. As part of GSoC, we want to introduce new talents to the world of open source software development and to our community.

Student Application

If you are interested in the Polypheny project and want to help us with improving and extending Polypheny as part of GSoC we kindly ask you to carefully read and follow the outlined instructions.

Note that we have a code of conduct. Please follow it in all your interactions with the project and our community.

We would like to incorporate and integrate you as early as possible into the development community of Polypheny. Therefore, we have decided not to add dedicated tests or puzzles which are unrelated to the actual code base. Rather, we have defined a list of good first issues that contain bugs that have a relatively limited scope and are thus very easy to fix. We consider this a great opportunity to get started and to familiarize with the code base.

When you aim at fixing an issue, you are kindly asked to check the comment thread of the issue in case somebody is already working on a fix. If nobody is working on it at the moment, please leave a comment that indicates your intention to work on it. Please check the contribution section of our webpage for additional details.

For the actual proposal, you can get inspiration from the ideas listed on the ideas page or develop completely new topics of your own. We enjoy being surprised!

Your proposal should include

  • a description of and motivation for your project idea,
  • a rough time plan and
  • details on how to implement your idea and
  • the GitHub id of your pull request.

Please check our Polypheny@GSoC page for additional information and do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions.

Project Ideas

See GSoC Project Ideas for a list of project ideas.


This is the mentoring team for the GSoC 2020.

Nils HansenMentorEnglish, German
Silvan HellerMentorEnglish, German
Jan SchönholzMentorEnglish, German
Heiko SchuldtMentor, OrgAdminEnglish, German
Alexander StiemerMentor, OrgAdminEnglish, German
Marco VogtMentor, OrgAdminEnglish, German


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. To make it easier for us to organize our emails, please add “GSoC 2020” in your subject line.